October 10, 2017

Smarty Podcast: Social Media Parenting – Delaying Technology and Social Media Presence


Welcome back to the Charlotte Smarty Pants podcast series, which is powered by Charlotte Star Room, Charlotte’s premier boutique music development and corporate video production studio + the best Pop Star birthday parties in the QC, AND professional voice lessons in a studio.

Today we’re talking to local mom, Anne Willette. Anne talks to Smarties Jen and Cheryl about the community she and fellow parents from her kids’ school are creating to help navigate the tricky world of social media parenting. Their “Wait til 8th” strategy is something you’ll definitely want to hear about if you’ve got kids in elementary or middle school.

You can join Anne and educators from all over our city at our Smarty Town Hall on Social Media Parenting 2.0. Click here to register. We hope to see you at Charlotte Latin School on October 29 – join the conversation!

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About Anne Willette


Anne Willette, Charlotte Latin parent
Anne, a mother to two girls, ages 7 and 10, with a thirst for knowledge and direction about the hardest and most important job she’ll ever have, parenting. Currently, Anne is trying to navigate the world of a rising tween in a space where “everyone” has iPhones and social media accounts. Anne and other moms with the same concerns have created a community at her kids’ school in which parents can meet and talk to each other about delaying smart phones, delaying social media access and promoting communication skills, creativity and just being a kid. The group hopes to minimize the excess pressures that smartphones can present to the adolescent child. She is a proponent of screen time vigilance in children and in ourselves. Anne received a BA in psychology and English from Clemson University. She is a lifestyle photographer in Charlotte. Find her at www.annewillettephotography.com.

About Charlotte Star Room

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