June 3, 2017

Smarty Mom: Caris Malone

I am SO happy and honored to introduce you to this week’s Smarty Mom, Caris Malone. Caris is a one-of-a-kind ray of sunshine that popped into my life a few years ago when she became owner of the Pure Barre Ballantyne studio. She is, without a doubt, the reason I love Pure Barre and our studio so much. She’s a leader who’s real, honest, funny, compassionate, and just an all around awesome woman – you know, the kind of girl you want to stick by in this crazy life.IMG_7386

Caris is also a busy mama-in-the-trenches to two sweet girls, Ella and Lucy. She’s setting such an amazing example for her girls of a strong working mom who’s confident enough to learn from a mistake or laugh at herself. Love that about her. She’s easy to talk to – so easy that you might be chatting it up with her and find yourself three rosés deep before you know it. And then you’ll want a fourth, despite the morning headache that you know is most definitely coming, just so you can stay a little while longer with her.

She’s got a smile that will make you smile, a heart as big as the sun, and a killer Pure Barre ledge. She is one seriously cool chick, and I am SO lucky I get to call her a friend. If you want a chance to meet her or take one of her awesome classes (or understand what the heck a “Pure Barre ledge” is and how you can get one), come by Pure Barre Ballantyne. New clients get a week FREE. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Smarties, have fun getting to know Caris Malone!

Smarty Mom: Caris Malone

Married to: Chris for 7 years in October
Children: Ella Jane, 4 1/2 and Lucy, 2
Years in Charlotte: 12 years
Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA
Neighborhood: Sherwood Forest
Alma Mater: UNCG
Occupation: Partner/Co-Owner of Pure Barre Ballantyne

You’re the owner of Pure Barre Ballantyne. What made you fall in love with Pure Barre enough to make it your career?

There are so many different ways I could answer this question, but bottom line is that it combines all the things I am most passionate about: an active life, lifting others up, and helping people grow stronger both physically and mentally.

How has Pure Barre changed your life?

Pure Barre is the only form of exercise that “stuck” with me. It became an addiction after the first class. It has made me strong physically and mentally. It gets me though the hills and valleys that life can sometimes dish out. It has pushed my out of my comfort zone multiple times, and because of that I have learned so much about myself.IMG_7385

What do you love most about owning your own business?

Creating personal relationships and getting to know all of my clients is the absolute best! I love hearing their stories and watching their Pure Barre journeys. I also love working with such amazing women. I am so lucky to have such a strong team of teachers and staff. Each one of them has a true passion and gives so much to the studio as well as the brand. I am beyond lucky to be inspired by such empowering women everyday.

You’re not only the owner of Pure Barre Ballantyne, you’re also an amazing instructor that teaches a KILLER class. How do you stay motivated?

Aw thanks! I LOVE teaching! I could be having the worst day, and as soon as I put on that mic and look out at my amazing clients, my mood is 100% changed. They motivate me EVERYDAY. The passion, the strength, and determination that they give every class is contagious. I am also constantly learning and constantly motivated by my teachers. Even after 7 years of teaching I am still able to take away something new from them every class.

What would you say to someone who’s never taken Pure Barre but wants to try?

It is 55 minutes of time for yourself; there is no time to think about your grocery list, emails, or carpool. You will not be judged, you might be hugged, and you will see results.

You’ve also recently become a consultant for Isagenix. How has that, coupled with Pure Barre, changed your health and fitness level?

I am in love with Isagenix!! Being in the exercise world, I am constantly trying to find the best form nutrition, and it can be SO hard!! I was in such a funk at the beginning of the year – feeling so blah about my body and worn down all the time. I knew I needed a change, but I also know myself and knew that I would fail at a strict diet (especially if I couldn’t have wine). After 2 weeks of my 30-day reset I felt different, and just like with Pure Barre, I was addicted. It is amazing what putting good nutrients into your body can do!

How can our readers find out more about Isagenix?

Email me caris@purebarre.com and I will talk you through all of the awesomeness!

What are your Smarty tips for fellow working mamas on managing it all?

Create a weekly schedule. Put time in that schedule for YOU, and don’t feel guilty about it. When the schedule gets messed up, take a deep breath, pour yourself a glass and start over.IMG_7387

Now for some fun Smarty questions…

Favorite date night spot? Customshop

Last book read? The Lake House by Kate Morton

Favorite book to read to your girls? Goodnight Moon and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Top three Trader Joe’s finds? TJ’s is seriously my favorite, it’s so hard to pick only 3! These are a couple of my go-tos every week: carrot spirals (spiraled carrots in the frozen section), frozen pizza dough (it’s already rolled out, takes 10 minutes to cook and is delish!), cucumber yogurt dip, and lots and lots of wine (; My all time favorite is the Vinas Chileans Rosé . Y’all, it’s $3.99 and one of the BEST rosés I’ve ever had.

Favorite smoothie/shake? Isagenix strawberry mixed with greens

Movie you quote most often in your head? I am horrible at quoting movies! But I find myself repeating “Let your love light shine” by the Grateful Dead multiple times a day.

Favorite barre-attire brand? Beyond YogaIMG_7388

Top place on your vacation bucket list? I would love to take a month and drive up the pacific coast with my husband stopping at all the little vineyards.

Favorite way to unwind? I am digging yoga lately. It’s totally out of my comfort zone, but it makes me slow down, and I need that.

Favorite thing to uncork? Red, rosé or bubbles?? A cab from S. Africa, Vinas Chileans Rosé, and a pink Cava.

Favorite place to get local summer fruits and veggies? Usually my backyard or the Cotswold famers market on Saturday.

Best park in Charlotte? We love Memorial Park of Providence Rd; it’s never too crowded and both girls can play.

Best piece of mommy gear? A twist top wine bottle

Best place to take the kids to beat the summer heat? JCC splash pad

Thing that makes you the happiest? Hearing my girls laugh.

Finish this sentence: I want my girls to….see, feel, and give love everyday.

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