April 6, 2017

Smarty Pick for Best Boys Birthday Party in the QC: Knockerball Charlotte


Knockerball: The Ultimate Party Experience

I’m always stumped when it comes to a good boys birthday party venue. I get asked time and time again, “what are your favorite birthday party spots?” Until my twins’ 11th birthday party last month, I’ve never really had a good, solid reco for a birthday boy. And then we hosted a Knockerball party, which was hands down, the best boys birthday party we’ve ever hosted. Here’s why.

My boys’ birthday is on Valentine’s Day, kind of a lame date for a boy birthday. Valentine’s Day is all about girly things like pink hearts and sending love notes to your Valentine crush. If you ask any boy about stuff like that, they’d blush and want to throw up. It’s also a terrible time of year for weather which means no outside venues. We can’t just set up a game of flag football, throw some Gatorades in a cooler and send the winning team home with bragging rights. Our birthday parties need to be well thought out and perfectly executed. Or we run the risk of my boys and their buds literally bouncing off the walls. Enter Knockerball Charlotte, the perfect activity inside or out where kids can do just that and have a blast while doing it.


Knockerball is a giant inflatable sphere with handles and adjustable straps on the inside. Knockerballs allow you to bump and crash into your friends with no pain experienced at all. Organizing a game of KnockerSoccer is super fun, although people often forget about the soccer ball and find themselves knocking each other down in pure chaos. The only pain you’ll experience will be from laughing too hard!

The Plym Knockerball Party

We chose to have our Knockerball party indoors due to a chance of bad weather. Our location was 2x Salt Ministry in West Charlotte off I-85. This was the perfect venue. It was easy to get to and the owners of Knockerball Charlotte, Zachary and Evan Hollar (two brothers at UNC Charlotte), know just how to throw a perfect boys party.

Best part of this party: I had to do nothing. Not one single thing except bring a cake, which my bestie neighbor made for me, how perfect is this?!


The Hollar brothers did everything for me! When we arrived to the party, they had the party room already set up with the inflated Knockerballs, pizza, Gatorades, and paper goods. They even booked a venue that had leather sofas and foosball. It was like having an 11-year-old after party, so the party never ended and the fun never stopped!

Knockerball Party Room 2x Salt

The boys played KnockerSoccer and Last Man Standing for 1 1/2 hours. This was a LONG time for Knockerball! It’s tiring when you get knocked over, see this guy stuck on his head! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life – this was the funniest birthday party I’ve ever witnessed! It never got old watching someone get pummeled by a friend!


Every time you get knocked down, it takes a lot of energy and effort to right yourself. Smarty tip: Make sure you send your kids with either a rash guard shirt or something with a high collar. The straps rub a little on the smaller guys. Also, football gloves or sports gloves would be helpful – maybe even as a party favor. Their knuckles rubbed on the handles. None of the boys complained, I think they thought of their abrasions and bruises as war wounds. But I felt like I had to explain myself a little at pick-up to our guests parents. They didn’t sign a waiver for nothing, right?!

The Brothers Behind Knockerball Charlotte

Knockerball Hollar Bros

I was beyond impressed with the Hollar brothers. They take their business very seriously and at such a young age. They recognized an opportunity and jumped on it, all while in college.

Let’s go behind the scenes with the Hollar brothers…

Zachary Hollar, 21
Attends UNC Charlotte
Majoring in History

How did you decide on Knockerball?
The idea came to us after seeing a Knockerball commercial on TV. After doing a little digging we realized that the opportunity to own our own business was right in front us and we took the opportunity a year and a half ago and have been running with it ever since.

What’s it like working with your little brother?
Working with my brother is a blessing, owning my own business was always a dream of mine since about the time I started high school. Now I get to do it with the brother that I’ve grown up with my whole life, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Favorite thing about Knockerball?
Personally, my favorite thing about the Knockerball parties that we host is to get to see the pure joy and excitement on the peoples face during their party.

Favorite game of Knockerball?
My favorite Knockerball game is going to have to be last man standing. It is an every man for themselves game, and if you make it the whole game without getting knocked over in your Knockerball, you win.

Evan Hollar, 18
Attends UNC Charlotte
Majoring in Business Administration

What’s it like working with your big brother?
Working with my brother has been an amazing experience. In the past year and a half since we started our Knockerball business, there have been ups and downs, but most importantly, many learning experiences for both of us.

Favorite thing about Knockerball?
My favorite thing about Knockerball parties is getting to see all the people bump and bounce into each other.

Favorite game of Knockerball?
My favorite game to watch is Knockerball Sumo Wrestling. In this game, 2-10 people are confined inside a circle, once knocked out or knocked down then you are out.

Smarties, the Plym fam gives Knockerball Charlotte a solid TEN for a birthday party score! We loved every minute of it. And don’t think it’s just a boys party gig – girls love it just as much! Knockerball would also be great for a team building outing for work (how fun would that be to slam your co-workers?), a family reunion (same, crushing your sibling would be epic!) – the list goes on. I’m pretty sure my boys will be asking for Knockerballs for a Christmas present under the tree! Maybe they can be the Hollar bros’ assistants?!

You can find Knockerball Charlotte at:

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