January 30, 2017

Smarty Review of CleanKidz

We’ve all been there. “Mom, I don’t feel good…” and then it happens, they get sick…in the car seat. I don’t know about you, but each and every time my kids have gotten sick, it’s been in the car seat. The one place that has the most nooks and crannies to hold the beloved lunch from an hour before. I despise car seats when it comes to uninstalling, disassembling, cleaning, reassembling, reinstalling. It is the worst.

Recently, I learned about CleanKidz. A local company that cleans car seats, along with other kids’ gear like strollers, pack-n-plays, high chairs, etc. I recently used them to clean an infant carrier and base and the results were amazing. My infant carrier was in the attic for more than one year. It was covered in dust and even had a mold spot. I thought about gifting it to a friend and asked if they would be able to give it the deep cleaning needed to revive it. Deep cleaning is an understatement. The carrier came back as good as new! Additionally, the staff notified me of a recall on the carrier and informed me about the expiration date (yes, car seats have expiration dates!) I was amazed with not only the final product, but the extra information and service that came with my appointment.

I had the opportunity to meet Lee Phillips, owner of CleanKidz, to get a behind-the-scenes tour of their facility and learn more about what they have to offer.

CleanKidz has been in business for three years. Since that time they have refined their process to ensure your items are not only clean, but safe. “Most of the people working here are parents, so we understand and take special care of each product.” Lee stated. Each employee goes through an intense training. Knowing the ins and outs of assembling is critical.

The cleaning is a detailed process that includes the following steps:

– At intake, they note the condition of the item and if there are any current product issues. Lee mentioned that one time, a car seat had a crack under the padding after it had traveled through an airport, and the parent was unaware since it was covered by the padding.


– Disassemble the piece. After they vacuum out the Cheerios and anything else they can capture, the soft pieces are separated from the hard pieces. CleanKidz uses a high-pressure steam that comes out of their steam gun at 215 degrees, which is hot enough to kill most bacteria that is dangerous to a child. Dreft is the cleaning solution of choice, which is at the top of most new parents’ detergent of choice.


– All the soft pieces are hung to dry in a completely innovative locker that allows for all pieces to dry completely usually within 30 minutes, thus allowing for same-day pickup! Every time I clean my car seats at home, parts and pieces are all over the dining room table waiting days to dry.


– Reassemble the piece. CleanKidz staff members know all the manufacturers’ instructions and how to properly reassemble a car seat. Lee cites that often times parents do not properly reassemble car seats – not something we want to leave room for error. Additionally, CleanKidz receives email notifications from the manufacturers on recalls and will notify parents if they know of a recall on their product.

There are many reasons to get kids’ gear cleaned. Some of the main culprits that Lee has seen include vomit, diarrhea, mildew, mold (which often goes unseen), marker, crayons (especially in the summer), food and drink spills, as well as general bacteria that causes illnesses such as ear infections.

An added benefit of CleanKidz is that if you can’t drop off your item(s), it can often times be picked up! Simply call them to schedule your pick up.


If you are unsure if CleanKidz can clean something? “Just ask!” says Lee. There are many times that parents are unsure and the staff will help identify if it can be cleaned. After all, they’ve cleaned everything from car seats to luggage to stuffed animals to buses!

CleanKidz is looking to expand, too – as the number of items per day continues to increase! Currently, they see about 12-15 items each day. They hope to grow to accommodate up to 40 items per day in the next year.

The cost of the cleaning is extremely affordable. Not only do you get a clean item, you get peace of mind that it’s done properly! If I had to summarize my experience with CleanKidz, it would be trusted quality cleaning. I give glowing reviews to them and highly recommend them to everyone.

Contact them today to schedule a cleaning!


307 W. Tremont Ave, Suite F
Charlotte, NC 28203

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