November 13, 2012

Who wants 3 FREE classes at Flywheel???

Smarties, there’s a new workout in town and it’s AMAZING. Flywheel and FlyBarre – have you been yet?

Our Smarty friends at FlyWheel are offering 3 FREE classes to CSP readers now through 12/31, just because they love YOU and want you to give their classes a whirl. For those of you not familiar with Fly, read Cheryl’s blog here. I 100% agree with every word she wrote.

FlyWheel is challenging, addicting and burns more calories in 45 minutes than I could ever attempt to do on my own. It’s action-packed, competitive and let me tell ya, it ain’t for sissies – BRING IT ON!!! I’ve been tracking my calorie burn and I have yet to be less than 750 calories in any of the 45-minute classes I’ve taken. That is pure insanity. And I love it.

How can I register for my 3 FREE classes?

1) Visit and sign up for an account.

2) After you sign up, click “Buy” and click on “One Ride” – then change the quantity of ride in your cart to 2.

3) At checkout, enter Coupon Code: FLYSMARTYPANTS. This code expires 12/31/12, so don’t wait! Keep in mind for new FlyWheel users, the first class is free, this code gives you TWO additional free classes.

FLY high, Smarties!

10 Responses

  1. Lynne says:

    IT is only giving me 1 free class, not 2. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Gina says:

    How about classes in New York?

  3. Linda Robinson says:

    YAY – I love this place!!!!! Thanks for turning me onto this a few weeks ago. Just need to get there more often!

  4. Sarah Konecy says:

    now to find a time to go…..

  5. Paula says:

    It will only give you one free one!

    • Paula says:

      Well it gives the free one when you sign up and one additional but not 3 total

      • Jen Plym Jen Plym says:

        Hi Paula-
        I know this is a little confusing. I’ve emailed our friends at FlyWheel to see if they can shed some light on where the disconnect may be. So I think the problem is your first class is always free – then you get these two additional ones. But I’m not sure how that works in the system. Stay tuned!!

  6. Jen Plym Jen Plym says:

    If you ever have problems with your FlyWheel reservation, email Carrie directly at

    • Jen Alessi says:

      Yes, please contact Carrie by email with your user name. She can look up the account. Also, please remember to change the quantity. If you have already been to Flywheel it will only give you 2 free classes. Thanks so much. We are so excited to see everyone in the studio. Let’s Fly Smarties!

  7. Sarah says:

    Have heard such great things about this place, can’t wait to try!

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