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July 24, 2017

Remembering summer boredom

As a kid you told yourself that you would never ever compare your childhood to your own child’s when the time called for motivational conversation. As your mom or dad began the dreaded statement, “When I was a kid…” upon seeing you move about the house aimlessly in the summer, your eyes rolled to the back of your head. When the perceived eyeroll was caught by that superior parental peripheral vision, you complained of something in your eye that was making you look up and then spent the next few minutes looking up at the ceiling while rubbing your eye. The wrong eye. Conversation turned one sided for a few moments as you studied the imperfections in the ceiling that you never noticed before – before the summer, before the eyeroll – while your mom or dad spewed out ideas. Something about a dust cloth, weeding, getting dressed…boredome curiosity

You then checked in with Boredom who was saddled up next to you at the kitchen table who was shaking her head “no” after your dad got to the word “encyclopedia” and something about learning. Boredom was a relentless friend who you wanted to unfriend but instead allowed to degrade your behavior down to silly noises, eating from the sugar bowl, looking for split ends, sitting in contorted ways (I guess you could get away with calling it yoga these days), studying back-to-school fliers while making yourself sick, and then back to looking at the imperfections in the ceiling and noticing that an array of bumps actually looked like a face. Your parents seemed to have a million terrible ideas on how to rid yourself of Boredom (dusting and weeding was supposed to make Boredom unfriend you). “I would never say that to my kid!” circulated throughout your stagnant grey matter.

Ultimately, most of us split up with boredom decades ago. Well the relationship just kind of slipped away without much to-do. A free moment became hard to find and you weren’t even sure what color your own ceiling was…that is until you had kids and mashed peas ended up on splattered on the ceiling – a ceiling that could use a coat of paint one Saturday when there was nothing else to do. Hundreds and even thousands of Saturdays then raced by and you finally called a painter because there was no free time to be had. You found yourself wishing for Boredom who seemed to now be a privileged friend. Read More →

From the Smarty Health Corner and CEENTA: Keep your family’s eyes UV-safe

By our Smarty friends at Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.

With summer well underway, many people are going to be spending time outside. Our children are going to be playing at the pool or in the yard with their friends, and our parents might be spending their time gardening or playing with their grandchildren. But every time we go outside into the sun, our eyes are exposed to ultraviolet rays. July is UV Safety Month, and is the perfect time to learn why you should encourage your family to protect their eyes from the sun’s rays.GrandmotherGrandchildrenSunglassesBeachWeb

It is estimated that up to 80 percent of UV damage done to our eyes in our lifetime occurs by the time we’re 18. The damage done by UV rays accumulates over the years, leading to an increased risk of permanent eye damage or disease. UV light is absorbed by the lens of the eye and over time can cause damage that may contribute to the progression of cataract development, macular degeneration, and abnormal growths on the surface of the eye.

However, not enough children wear sunglasses. While 1 in 3 children above the age of 14 wear sunglasses regularly, less than 1 in 8 below the age of 10 do. Read More →

July 22, 2017

Smarty Mom: Katie Self Nifong

FullSizeRender (9)

I have known Katie since high school and she’s still as sweet now as she was then. We’ve reconnected through this journey called “motherhood” in more ways than one. She’s one of the strongest mamas I know, and you’re about to learn why. I’m delighted to introduce this week’s Smarty Mom, Katie Self Nifong.

Smarty Mom: Katie Self Nifong

Married to:Joe Nifong
Kiddos: Grace (2 ½) and Noah (7months)
Occupation: Norwex Consultant

What are the challenges of owning a small business and being a mom?

It’s hard not to feel guilty taking a little time away from your kids to work. I know that in the long run, this will benefit our family in a financial and health manner. Knowing that I can help other families become educated about reducing the chemicals in their home makes it worth it. Read More →

July 21, 2017

Smarty Movie Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Directed by: Jon Watts
Rated: PG-13
Run time: 2 hours 13 minutes

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the latest effort to reboot the story of the popular teenage web slinger also known as Peter Parker. Our friendly neighborhood wall crawler first appeared on the big screen in 2002 with Tobey Maguire playing the lead opposite Kirsten Dunst as love interest Mary Jane (remember that epic upside-down kiss in the rain?) After three successful movies, the series ended in 2007. The Spidey story was brought back to life again in 2012 when Andrew Garfield donned the red and blue spandex suit as he fought the bad guys with girlfriend Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone—his real life gal at the time) by his side. But the second Amazing Spider Man series only lasted for two films, ending in 2014. Behind the scenes, Sony Pictures (which owns the rights to Spider-Man) negotiated a very complicated deal with Marvel Films (which produces the Avengers superhero movies) to rebrand Spider-Man into the Avengers Universe (which includes Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, etc…). This new version of Spidey is nothing like the previous two series. Confused yet?MV5BNTk4ODQ1MzgzNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTMyMzM4MTI@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_

If you saw Captain America: Civil War (2016) you’ve already met our newest Spider-Man, played by the winsome Tom Holland. In that film, Spider-Man was recruited by Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr.) to help in an epic battle between the superheroes. Spider-Man: Homecoming begins with an over-eager Peter Parker filming his big trip to work with the Avengers on his cell phone. It’s a hilarious montage of scenes of exactly what you would expect a cheeky 15 year old teenager to film and it perfectly captures what it must have been like for this kid to be hand picked by Tony Stark to work with a bunch of famous superheroes. After the epic battle ends, Peter Parker is sent on his way by Tony Stark and told to lay low and keep in touch via Tony’s right-hand man Happy (Jon Favreau). After working with the Avengers, Peter doesn’t want to go back to his normal and boring high-school life and he seeks out ways to be a hero and use his powers. This leads him to an encounter with arms dealer Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) who is selling extremely deadly weapons made with alien materials. Peter disregards his mentor Tony’s directive to steer clear of danger and embarks on a mission to take down Toomes and prove his worth to the Avengers team. Read More →

July 20, 2017

From the Smarty Health Corner & Drs. Hull & Coleman: Guidelines on Getting Multiple Orthodontic Evaluations

By our Smarty friends at Hull & Coleman Orthodontics.

Hull Coleman Braces

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ~Phyllis Diller

Deciding where to take your child for orthodontic treatment is a big decision. Your relationship with your orthodontist really is that—a relationship—because most orthodontic treatments last an average of around 18-24 months. So you’re going to be spending a good bit of time in the office you choose, and you’re going to be making a significant financial investment as well. Most importantly, the orthodontist you choose is going to be developing your child’s smile—literally moving every single tooth in their head into the most ideal looking and healthy fitting position possible. That’s a big deal, so you shouldn’t take it lightly.

For all these reasons, many parents choose to get two or more different opinions when selecting where to take their children for orthodontic treatment. Getting multiple opinions can be very helpful and educational, but it can also sometimes be confusing, as you won’t always get the same information or treatment recommendation from every office you see.

If you do decide to take your child to more than one orthodontist for an evaluation, there are a few important factors to consider as you make your decision on where to go:

1) Make sure you see an actual orthodontist for your treatment, and not just a general dentist that does orthodontics on the side. While some general dentists do advertise that they can provide orthodontic treatment, they do not have the specialty training that orthodontists have. Orthodontists are dentists first—but they then spend an additional two to three years in an orthodontic residency focused solely on orthodontic theory and practice, dentofacial orthopedics, dental and facial esthetics, and the biomechanics of tooth movement. Orthodontists are experts in the art and science of moving teeth into their most esthetic and functional positions to deliver a smile that is beautiful and a bite that is as close to ideal as possible. Read More →

July 19, 2017

Smarty Flash Giveaway: Win 4 Tix to Idina Menzel this Friday!


Channel your inner Frozen and just GO!!! One of our favorite voices will be in the QC this Friday! TWO lucky Smarties will experience Idina Menzel live at Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre! Pick me, pick me!

With her breakthrough role as Elsa in Disney’s global box office smash Frozen, and singing the multi-platinum Oscar-winning song “Let It Go,” Idina Menzel made history as the first person with both a Billboard Top 10 hit and a Tony Award for acting. Menzel recently released her latest album idina, which she considers “the most personal, introspective albums I’ve ever made.” Get her new album here. Her voice is unbelievable! Read More →

Smarty Scoop on Weekend Events July 21-23

Springfree Trampoline Charlotte One Year Birthday Bash
Springfree Trampoline Charlotte
9848 E Rea Road, Charlotte, NC
July 22, 12:00pm, 12:00pm – 3:00pm, All ages, Free
Summary: Join us as we celebrate our one year anniversary! Free fun and entertainment for kids of all ages. Enter to win a Springfree trampoline of your own, dance it out with our DJ, enjoy free food and drinks, face painting, giveaways, and of course all the trampoline jumping you can handle!


Hunstad Kortesis Bharti Plastic Surgery Hosts Summer Vibes Fashion Event

July 27 from 6-9pm Cachet Nails
Hosted at Cachet Nails in Piedmont Town (right across from the HKB SouthPark location. Cachet Nails is one of the only nail salons with signature cocktail drinks in addition to wine!)

– There will be cocktails, a DJ, a fashion show with clothing from Sloan Boutique, IC London Lingerie, Revolution and Lipp Boutique.
– Don’t miss out on the HKB raffle items.
– Watch live injectables at 6:30p, 7:30p, 8:30p and micro-needling at 7:00p.
– HKB will be raffling off $250 HKB gift cards, 1 area of Dysport ($260 value) and an HKB 180 skincare package!
– Party starts at 6pm and fashion show at 7pm.  RSVP here.

Follow @cachetnails and @hkcenters on Facebook/Instagram for all the details and how you can be a winner. Read More →

July 18, 2017

From the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library: Get Set for Kindergarten

July Blog Post Image - Get Set 4 K

By our Smarty friends at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

You are either reading this article thinking, how dare they bring up going back to school – we are having too much fun this summer to think about school! Or, you are now day dreaming about the not-so-distant future when your children will finally be back in the care of their amazing teachers.

Either way, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library can be your partner in enjoying the summer with your children while preparing them to enter kindergarten. Whether your child is starting school in the fall, or the following year or two, we’ve got you covered.

Break in that new back pack by checking out some books

Kindergarten is a time when your child will begin developing the skills they need to read on their own. Check out this suggested reading list for rising kindergarteners developed by early literacy experts at the Library. This list is sure to keep your child reading for the fun of it all summer long. And check out Tumblebooks, Story Place and the Autism Reference Collection for even more titles and interactive literacy tools.

Remember, reading doesn’t have to be a solo activity – shared reading experiences with a family member are a great bonding and learning activity. And, don’t forget to log your reading for Summer Break! Read More →

July 17, 2017

Expanding The First Tee of Greater Charlotte’s Reach Through Weekly Outreach Programs


By our friends at the First Tee of Greater Charlotte

The mission of The First Tee is to introduce as many young people as possible to not only the game of golf but also its inherent life lessons and core values. The Charlotte chapter has done just that through the expansion of its outreach program. In 2016, The First Tee of Greater Charlotte reached over 120,000 new participants through elementary schools, after school programs, and field trips, making it the second largest outreach program in The First Tee network.

Golf can be an intimidating sport for those who have never picked up a club before, so The First Tee found that by making it simple and fun for children who are not actively seeking to participate is a great way to make it a more attainable reality. This is done three ways; The First Tee National School Program, The First Tee DRIVE Program and Target Outreach events. Participants can either take field trips to our learning center at Dr. Charles L. Sifford Golf Course or we bring the golf course to the participants at local gyms and recreation centers. Read More →

July 15, 2017

Smarty Mom: Rebekah Somers

Rebekah SomersI am thrilled to introduce Rebekah Somers. I had the opportunity to meet her and her lovely family through a small group from our church. She is by far one of the most compassionate and thoughtful women I’ve had the chance to know. She is a hard-working Smarty Mom who has a pure gratitude for time spent with her family. Let’s get to know Rebekah!

Smarty Mom: Rebekah Somers

Married to: Timothy Somers
Kids: Genesis 1, Brody 10
Years in Charlotte: 1.5
Originally from: Oklahoma
Occupation: Online Director for Elevation Church

What are some of the challenges and benefits of having two boys a few years apart?

Challenges: not making my older son, Brody, feel like my love for him is less just because it is less affectionate. Having Genesis (1-year-old), obviously I kiss his chubby cheeks and snuggle with him like crazy, which can come across to Brody like I love him less. (Brody doesn’t like me to tackle him with kisses anymore). Read More →

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