VERITAS Community School

4301 Shamrock Drive
Charlotte, NC 28215

There is no other school like VERITAS in Charlotte or in North Carolina. Our Health and Wellness focus makes us stand apart as a place where the whole child will be taught, including her mind, her body, and her emotions. We’ll focus on not only the basics of education – math, reading, and language – but will also teach our students to be fit, feel good, and be able to resolve conflicts within themselves and with others. We’ll work to make our students the very best people they can be. We’re partnering with parents to ensure that we’re meeting the whole family’s needs and we’ve partnered with UNCC to be a pilot study that is a part of a research program to connect the community with health providers.

Our students will start the day with movement; their teachers will plan for movement at least every 90 minutes in the classroom; students will have PE and recess everyday, giving students a total of at least 90 minutes of invigorating movement every day. Our school home consists of 24,000 sq. ft. on 9 acres, and we have all we need to flourish. A school garden is underway, and playgrounds are plentiful.