Trinity Episcopal School

750 East 9th Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Educating students from K-8th grade in Uptown Charlotte, our talented & dedicated educators engage students in ways that develop creative problem solving, critical thinking and collaborative skills.

As an urban school, Trinity has the distinct advantage of an extended campus that includes Center City destinations such as ImaginOn, Discovery Place, and the Mint Museum. Our school community nurtures spirituality through the reason, acceptance, and service found within the Episcopal tradition. Regular and meaningful partnerships with local organizations through our Service Learning program opens children’s eyes to the broader world and develops service as a habit of the heart.

We embrace the richness of diversity by encouraging students to be socially-conscious and civically-engaged ambassadors of grace. We instill honor through high expectations for responsibility, kindness and integrity, all found in our Honor Code.

Trinity is a place where the powerful combination of creating scholars, nurturing spirituality, and embracing diversity enables our innovative educators to inspire, develop and send forth the leaders of tomorrow.

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