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December 9, 2017

Smarty Mom: Dr. Ana Maria Temple

Welcome Home Dr. Temple!

I can’t exactly remember how many years ago it was, let’s say more than 5 less than 12, but I will never forget the conversation between my neighbor’s husband and mine. Our children were little which meant, we all “lived” at the pediatrician’s office with some sort of funk. Upon my neighbors return from the Saturday Sick Clinic one day he eagerly explained to my husband that, “Salma Hayek was our doctor!” If having “Salma” as your doctor meant you were going to take the kids to the doctor, go, please, go take them! I’ll be at home sitting on the couch binge watching HGTV. I immediately knew who he was referring to and was hopeful that my husband would want to jump on the “Salma” bandwagon and take the kids to the Saturday sick clinic as needed. Who was I to explain that “Salma” is not there every Saturday, it was just her on call weekend, let the boys take their chances.IMG_6484

Fast forward to my oldest was in 7th grade a few years ago and she came home to tell me she has been invited to, “Jake’s house for a pool party”. I had never heard of Jake, but I was learning fast that after your children have exited elementary school, you learn a new classmate’s name here and there, if you’re lucky. Our conversation went something like this:
“Jake who?”

“Jake Temple, Mom. He’s a kid at my school, gosh.”

“Where does he live? Will his parents be there? What other girls are going? What times? Is it his birthday, do we need to buy him a present? Who is this kid, you have never mentioned him before?”

Her answers were filled with sighs and much eye rolling and when she said, “Mom, stop being so overprotective, like his mom is a doctor or something, so I’m sure it will be fine.”

Ta Da! Yes, my darling, his mom is a “doctor or something”, a pediatrician to be exact, and she has helped you and your sister out in the past. You go and have fun, but I’m still walking you to the door.

Y’all, when I met Jake, I told Molly later that he looked like a young Keanu Reeves, she had to google Keanu…. and I got some more eye rolls.

The Temple family is beautiful on the inside and out. Enjoy getting to know Ana Maria Temple and the adventure the Temple family has been living the past 14 months. Read More →

December 3, 2017

Smarty Alert: This Week’s School Open Houses


Don’t miss this week’s School Open Houses we’ve listed below. This is NOT the full Open House listing for each school or school system – it’s just this week’s. For our full listing of open houses, please see our 2017 Smarty School Open House Guide.

Palisades Episcopal School

Palisades Episcopal School

Experiential Information Sessions
Saturday, December 9, 2017 @ 10 a.m.

Every day is an Open House at PES – tours scheduled at your convenience.

Register for any of these events at

For more information, please contact Monique Gilbert at or 704.583.1825.

Palisades Episcopal SchoolPES Logo
13120 Grand Palisades Parkway
Charlotte, NC 28278
Twitter @pescharlotte

November 28, 2017

From the Smarty Health Corner and CEENTA: Bringing up blepharoplasty

By our Smarty friends at Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.

Do your parents have dark circles around their eyes? Do they look tired even if they got a full night’s sleep? Do they have difficulty seeing out of the corners of their eyes? If so, the skin around their eyes may have started to sag or the fat has started to protrude, and it may be time to talk to them about a facial plastics procedure called blepharoplasty.

What is happening around their eyes?

Woman smiles blepharoplasty

As we age, the skin around our eyes becomes lax and stretches. The fat, which normally sits around the eyeball, herniates through weaknesses in the fine membranes, resulting in visible lumps or bulges. These changes tend to narrow our eyes. While these changes are inherited in some cases, for most people they start to develop in their early 30s. Not only can this make our eyes look smaller and tired, in some cases it can impair our peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is the ability to see things to the sides of us when we are looking straight ahead. Read More →

November 20, 2017

Smarty Fitness: Ride for FREE at CycleBar Waverly and Midtown this weekend + Black Friday Specials

This Thanksgiving, CycleBar Waverly and CycleBar Midtown CLT are giving thanks in a big way with FREE RIDES! The Smarties are LOVING CycleBar and are beyond grateful to them for this incredible deal. Come to either studio to sweat away your holiday-induced stress, regain your sanity, and do it all FOR FREE! Bring your friends, bring your family, bring any ol’ turkeys you can find—and get ready to ride free and gobble ‘til you wobble. We will see you there!ceb4354fc638dd62c07e81f0_640x400

Here’s their holiday schedule:

Thanksgiving: 7:00am, *​8:​​00​am Endurance – Rock the Bird, 9:​30am
Black Friday:7:00am, ​8:00​am​​, 9:​30am
Saturday, November 25​: 8:00am, 9:30am, 10:45am
Sunday, November 26​: 9:00am, 10:15am Read More →

November 2, 2017

From the Smarty Health Corner and CEENTA: A Smarty Podcast: Are things a little out of focus?


CSP Team Note: Welcome to our Smarty Podcast Series where we talk to experts from all over Charlotte on relevant parenting topics from health to education and everything in between! Feel free to listen while you’re commuting to work, making dinner, folding laundry, exercising, or any other multi-tasking endeavor! We LOVE the podcast flexibility! We’ve partnered with Southeast Psych’s Shrink Tank and Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. for this podcast – enjoy!

In this week’s podcast, we talk to Dr. Kashyap Kansupada of Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. about something that MANY of us are either going through now or will be going through in the near future. Presbyopia. Fancy word, right? It means the loss of ability to focus on things that are near to you. So, when you’re holding the menu out and your arms are suddenly too short to see what salad to order for lunch, or when your iPhone text is bigger than your thumbprint, you just MIGHT be experiencing presbyopia. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. But there are things you can do about. Dr. Kansupada explains it all.

Dr. Kashyap Kansupada is an ophthalmologist who specializes in refractive lens implant surgeries. He practices in CEENTA’s Belmont and Huntersville offices.

A big thanks to Dr. Kansupada for his time. Hope you enjoy the podcast. To listen to other Smarty podcasts, click here, and make sure to share, share, share!

Read More →

November 1, 2017

Smarty Town Hall on Social Media Parenting 2.0 Parent Resources


Thank you so much for coming to the Smarty Town Hall on Social Media Parenting 2.0. And a HUGE thanks to Charlotte Latin School for hosting such an amazing event. The following is a list of resources parents and educators can use to further educate themselves on social media parenting. Let’s keep the conversation going!

Social Media Parenting Resources


Should you post that? Sharenting

Common Sense Family Media Agreement K-5

Family Device Contracts

What you need to know about SnapChat

SnapChat on Common Sense Media Read More →

October 31, 2017

From the Smarty Health Corner and CEENTA: A few tricks to make Halloween a safe treat

By our Smarty friends at Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.

For most children (and plenty of you, parents), Halloween is one of the most fun days of the year. However, you want to make sure your children stay safe while they’re out there trick-or-treating. Below are a few tips to make sure their night is a fun and healthy one.

Keep your children visible:

It’s important your children remain visible so drivers can see them. It’s a good idea for them to wear reflective tape on their costumes. They should also walk on the sidewalk and never step out from around parked cars, since it would be easy for cars to hit them.Halloween children candy

It’s a good idea your children not wear masks that restrict their vision. It is helpful for them to also carry flashlights so they can see well in the dark.

Keep your children safe from allergies:

While candy can be a danger to children with allergies, it’s easy to keep them safe. You should inspect all your children’s candy by unwrapping it and reading the food labels before your children eat it. If you are unsure if your child is allergic to it, it’s best to not give it to your child. Because you cannot guarantee the safety or contents of homemade treats, it is best that your children do not eat them, either.

That said, there’s no guarantee that a candy won’t trigger an allergy. Sometimes people might not be aware of a food allergy or sensitivity. If you suspect your child is allergic, it is best to not let them eat the candy and have them tested for allergies as soon as possible. Read More →

October 26, 2017

From the Smarty Health Corner and Signature Pediatrics: Should You Post That?

By Smarty Guest Blogger Laura N Sinai, MD, Signature Pediatrics

How often have you been part of this conversation, “Awwww, did you see that picture of the adorable preschooler running around naked on the beach?” Or maybe you have been part of this one, “OMG did you see that picture of the 10-year-old who had to stand on a street corner holding a sign of apology?” Even if you haven’t heard of either picture, chances are you’ve seen plenty of other images of children on social media in surprising circumstances. Some are your friends’ kids, and many are pictures of strangers shared thousands or even millions of times. There is even a term coined for posting pictures of your children – Sharenting. Signature Pediatrics Facebook Screenshot

Sharenting is ubiquitous. According to The Wall Street Journal “A parent on average will post almost 1,000 photos of a child online before the child turns 5”. But this is incredibly new. Facebook came online in 2004 and the first iPhone was produced in 2007. Since then there has been an explosion of social media platforms including Snap chat, Twitter, Instagram and more. Our ability to document and share every detail, including photographic evidence, of our lives is entirely without precedent. We are without historical and cultural norms regarding how to manage and respond to social media.

Is there an upside to sharing pictures of your children on social media? Absolutely! It’s a way to connect with family and other parents. It’s a way to show pride and joy in your family. It’s a way to build community. Your picture may lift the spirits of someone in desperate need of a smile. And sometimes it’s a way to find much needed support. Sharing photos in a respectful, positive, community can be a lifeline; a way to spread and receive joy. But there is also a downside to sharing. Every parent should think through the following issues before clicking “post”. Read More →

October 18, 2017

From the Smarty Health Corner and CEENTA: Is Vaping Harmless?

By Smarty Guest Blogger, Darrell Klotz, MD, Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A. This was originally posted on their blog. We thank them for the opportunity to share with Smarty Charlotte!

You see it more and more these days: people inhaling vapor from a thin metal cylinder that emits a smoky mist. Shops with names like “Vapor Smoke Shop,” “Queens Crave Vapor,” and “Vaporium” seem to be springing up everywhere you turn. Vaping has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years. Electronic cigarettes or “e-cigarettes” are battery operated devices that heat a nicotine-laced liquid (in addition to a number of chemical additives – glycol, glycerin and usually some type of flavoring) into a vapor so that it may be inhaled like a cigarette, and “vaping” is the act of inhaling the flavored nicotine fog. Vaping has been marketed as a healthy alternative to smoking because it does not contain tobacco, but are e-cigarettes and vaping really harmless?CEENTA doctorwithecigaretteweb

Cigarettes vs. e-cigarettes

The danger in traditional cigarettes comes primarily from the tobacco as it burns, creating carcinogens (carbonyls) and particulates that cause well-established health issues such as head and neck cancer, lung cancer and chronic debilitating lung disease (e.g., COPD). Tobacco smoke is also an irritant to the breathing passages of the smoker and those around them (second-hand smoke), which can lead to a higher rate of respiratory illnesses, ear infections, asthma exacerbations, chronic sinus conditions and chronic hoarseness. However, vaping gives off less “second-hand” smoke and 1,000 times fewer toxic carbonyls than cigarettes, and in that way, may seem safer than normal cigarettes. Nonetheless, e-cigarette emissions still cause increased heart rate and blood pressure, atherosclerotic disease and insulin resistance. The chemical additives found in the e-liquid that is vaporized may have yet untold adverse effects on our breathing passages. In addition, the ratios of the glycol, glycerin and nicotine in these liquids vary widely, with the number of toxic byproducts also fluctuating. When combined with the ease of keeping one of these “smokeless” puffers in your hand most of the day, the amount of toxins to which one is exposed could be substantial. Read More →

October 11, 2017

Smarty Reminder: LCH’s Kids Helping Kids Day this weekend


Here’s a Smarty reminder to join Levine Children’s Hospital on Saturday, October 14 from 9 a.m. to noon for the Kids Helping Kids Day – a morning where families can:

– Visit our Teddy Bear Clinic for a child-friendly, hands-on demo of what happens to our patients inside the hospital

– Make cards and blankets to encourage and support our patients

– Enjoy food, games and giveaways, plus a bounce house and more family-friendly activities

Kids Helping Kids

When: Saturday, October 14 | 9 a.m. to noon, after the Hopebuilders 5K
Where: Parking Lot B, in front of the hospital on the campus of Carolinas Medical Center and Levine Children’s Hospital
1000 Blythe Blvd. | Charlotte, NC 28203
Don’t miss out on the fun!
Learn more and RSVP!

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