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November 11, 2017

Smarty Mom: Krystle Baller

YOU GUYS, I am beyond excited to introduce the Smarty Mom this week, Krystle Baller. She and I were connected through my doula, Sarah Cowherd within the last few months. In our 30 minute conversation, I was absolutely FLOORED with her involvement in the youth community, specifically, Girls Rock Charlotte. I initially wanted to interview her regarding her blossoming Baby Punk business, but as our conversation continued, I realized more people needed to know ALL THE THINGS this incredible mama does. She’s super talented, incredibly kind and a genuine ROCKSTAR.e32977_42e151a048f04eb0bbd1ca042d9edd37-mv2_d_5616_3744_s_4_2 (1)

Smarty Mom: Krystle Baller

Name: Krystle Baller
Married: Yes
Kiddos: Cadence 4 years old
Occupation: Entrepreneur/Music Teacher/ Confidence Amplifier
Number of years in Charlotte/surrounding? 7 years

Occupation Q’s:

What inspired you to become involved with Girls Rock Charlotte?

I was on maternity leave and saw that GRC existed via Facebook. I reached out to see if they needed any extra equipment because I have acquired a lot of gear over the years and they needed more instrument instructors. Having a daughter made me reflect on what it’s like to experience life as a woman and after researching girls rock I thought it was the perfect way to give back. Read More →

October 23, 2017

Smarties Around Town: Charlotte Kids Fest

Have you ever wondered why Charlotte doesn’t have an annual Kids Festival??? Yeah, ME TOO! But never fear, the First Annual Charlotte Kids Fest is here!!!

The Charlotte Kids Fest (made possible through the organization of University City Partners and the coordination of Third Rock Entertainment) will be FREE to the public and cater to children ages 10 & under. On October 28th, a portion of the UNCC campus will be transformed into a “street fair” style festival in an effort to raise money for the library foundation. Through interactive games and activities, the festival will be broken into 4 categories: Create, Discover, Learn & Play. Charlotte Kids Fest Logo

The Mission

The mission of the Charlotte Kids Fest is to inspire and motivate young minds with professional artistic, creative, educational and playful experiences that transform a child’s understanding of the world around them and what is possible. Read More →

September 20, 2017

If I knew then…

Life is a crazy whirlwind of people, emotions, memories, places, events…the list could go on forever. Now, add a new HUMAN to that list. LIFE. JUST. GOT. REAL. I mean, even more real than it was before. Now, you’re responsible for a HUMAN. Not a puppy, or a fish, or a pet rock, a human. IMG_3271

First, you grow the human. Then, you birth the human. Feed the human. Clothe the human. Change the tiny human’s diapers every time they pee or poo. Continue to keep the human alive for it’s remaining years. REPEAT. Motherhood doesn’t come with an instruction manual…but that doesn’t mean there are zero resources out there.

Sure, you could read a million different books all written from different philosophies of how to parent the “right” way…or you could just find some moms who have lived through the trenches and ask them, “If you knew now what you now know as a mom, what advice would you give to a first time mom?” That’s exactly what I did. I’ve asked some of the mothers/fathers in my tribe the exact question, and here was the response I gathered:

– Remember to be yourself. You are still you. Not just a wife, or a mother or “mommy”. Continue to do the things you love…Even if it’s only for a few minutes a day. Don’t stop being you. Read More →

September 6, 2017

Plan a Visit: York County Museum’s Smokey Bear Exhibit


As a family, we have thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Museum of York County since Zoey was about four months old. She LOVES the ongoing nature exhibits, planetarium, art exhibits, and the interactive play area designed JUST for smaller kiddos (ages 0-6). She especially LOVES their current featured exhibit: “Home Sweet Home” with Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl.IMG_4492 Read More →

July 22, 2017

Smarty Mom: Katie Self Nifong

FullSizeRender (9)

I have known Katie since high school and she’s still as sweet now as she was then. We’ve reconnected through this journey called “motherhood” in more ways than one. She’s one of the strongest mamas I know, and you’re about to learn why. I’m delighted to introduce this week’s Smarty Mom, Katie Self Nifong.

Smarty Mom: Katie Self Nifong

Married to:Joe Nifong
Kiddos: Grace (2 ½) and Noah (7months)
Occupation: Norwex Consultant

What are the challenges of owning a small business and being a mom?

It’s hard not to feel guilty taking a little time away from your kids to work. I know that in the long run, this will benefit our family in a financial and health manner. Knowing that I can help other families become educated about reducing the chemicals in their home makes it worth it. Read More →

June 30, 2017

Smarty Review: Ollie Gray Bras

Ladies, I have found the most incredible, comfortable, versatile bra on the market. I am beyond excited to introduce you to the Lulu Lemon of bras, the Ollie Gray Bra!ollie gray bitsy bra

I started my search in a similar manner as the Ollie Gray founder, Kate Rech. While chatting with her, she described her search SO similarly to my own in finding the perfect maternity/postpartum bra. Rech had invested a TON of money on several bras during her postpartum journey, but never found a single “go-to” bra. She had a few bras that broke, and just about one bra for every purpose of motherhood. She decided there should be a “one and done” bra for all mommas, so, she created one!D15O5850 Read More →

June 22, 2017

Smarty Review: The Teething Egg

In the short 15 months that I’ve been a mama, I’ve been blessed to experience some incredible milestones being a stay-at-home-mom. That being said, I have to keep it real and also admit that there have been a couple excruciating milestones as well; one of them being the monster known as “teething”.

Like I said, Zoey has been a blessing. She’s a super happy-go-lucky baby who rarely lets anything stand between her and being genuinely happy. Even missing a nap here or there doesn’t affect her quite like teething has. I’m not sure about you mamas, but it sure has felt like teething has been an ongoing milestone since she turned six months old.

I tried homeopathic remedies to ease the pain. She LOVES freeze pops or frozen fruit in a silicone teether. But, The Teething Egg was an extremely useful and practical way to ease her teething pain on the go, or while she flipped through a good book at home. It was very helpful that it arrived with a lanyard that could easily clip onto Zoey’s clothing…she likes to throw things, so this kept The Teething Egg close no matter what! It helped that they were SUPER cute and had several color options for eggs/lanyards!mint teething egg Read More →

June 8, 2017

A Poem for the Teething Fairy

There is nothing nice I could possibly say,teething fairy poem pic
You’ve come unannounced and not welcome to stay.
I look like an extra from The Walking Dead,
And visions of punching you dance through my head.

My child can’t sleep and you’ve stuffed up her nose,
There’s no shortage of snot…it continuously flows.
Tantrums occur at an alarming rate,
And naps (if they happen) are never so great. Read More →

April 10, 2017

Plan a Visit: The Main Street Children’s Museum

Ready to get social with your little one? I know just the place to start! My first visit to the Main Street Children’s Museum is a one I will forever have etched in my memory. My little one was only 3 months old, but I needed to get out of the house and she needed some social interaction with other little ones. Each “Wee Wednesday” has a theme complete with story-time, songs, interactive play, instruments (sometimes), and the children are able to make the craft of the day at no additional cost! IMG_1509

Although Zoey was only 3 months old during her first visit, she still was able to participate in every aspect of Wee Wednesday. Needless to say, we have been to “Wee Wednesday” and visited the museum during normal hours several times since our first visit. I just had to tell everyone about this perfect little jem tucked in Rock Hill, SC.

In our subsequent visits, Zoey was able to participate in more features at the museum as she began to develop and grow. You and your child will find ways to interact and play in every square inch of this incredible children’s museum. There are even a few areas that are friendly for the not-yet-mobile infants as well! Which is truly a win-win if you’re looking for an activity for the entire family. Read More →

April 9, 2017

Sweet Ollie & Toys from the Heart

Alice Marleaux is one of the strongest mamas I have ever met. One year ago, her sweet son, Oliver (“Ollie”), was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy at a mere four weeks old. Alice and her husband, Evan, embraced this diagnosis with an abundant amount of grace and have documented Sweet Ollie’s heart journey. Inevitably, Ollie was in need a heart transplant to save his life…meaning he would need a donor to give their heart, for him. aliceandollie

In honor of Ollie’s One Year “Heart-A-Versary”, this incredible family wants to give back to the same community responsible for giving their son a second chance at life. The Marleaux family wishes to continue to extend their gratitude for his donor and their family through the gift of giving. They will be holding a toy drive, Toys from the Heart, until April 23rd, 2017, through Child Life at the Levine Children’s Hospital.

In describing the toy drive, Alice Marleaux explaines, “We’re going out on a limb here and hoping desperately that others want to help us celebrate the gift of life and Ollie’s heartaversary. We’re hoping that we can take a brave, selfless gift of love and make the ripples of that action extend far and wide. We’re hoping that you’ll help us say thank you in a beautiful loving way.”

In response to their wishes, Child Life at the Levine Children’s Hospital has sent the following list of much needed items for their youngest (newborns/infants) patients. ***All items MUST be new for sanitation purposes*** Read More →

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