January 12, 2018

Fitness Friday: Commit To Be Fit

imagesSmarties, have you decided that your 2018 will start on February 1st because January is a free trial month?

We hear ya.

With a holiday hangover resulting from a season of over boozing, over eating, over spending and a total lack of sleep – it’s just hard to come into January swinging.

And then there was all of that amazing college football.

We need a minute!

Well, in that spare minute, decide what you need to do this year to maintain or start your health journey.  If you’re a cardio junkie, mix it up with strength training with our besties at Carolina Barre & Core.

The weird thing about a purely cardio lifestyle is that even though cardio burns more calories than other forms of exercise, it simply doesn’t do much for your muscles.  What does this mean?  Well, if you don’t strength train then you won’t look like you are fit.  That is defeating because when you’re busting your tail, you dang sure want your body to look like it!

So how do you add strength training to your routine?  It’s scary to go to that section of the gym with the free weights and machines because it’s too overwhelming.  Where to start?  How much weight?  What to do? How much is enough?  Am I even doing this correctly?  We feel ya.

Carolina Barre & Core is all about your muscles – sculpting arms, legs, abdominals and lifting your butt.  They tell you exactly what to do. You’re in a room with a super supportive and like-minded community (and free weights is a part of every class).   Take the guess work out of strength training and try Carolina Barre & Core.

If you missed this Smarty Fitness Interview, make sure you check out what the founder of Carolina Barre & Core has to say.

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