July 2, 2017

Smarty Alert: Extend the fun at Camp Harrison for 50% off

Camp Harrison
What’s better than a session at Camp Harrison? Two sessions at Camp Harrison! Camp Harrison has a few available sessions still left in 2017, so they’re making it easy and economical to give your camper even more confidence, character and faith before back to school. Add an available 2017 session this summer and pay only 50% if you register by July 5th!

Two ways to get the savings if you act fast:

1. Register online now and they’ll credit you within three business days.

2. Send a note and enter 50% off in the comments section, and they’ll call you to register by phone.

(Discount applies to 2017 session rate only. No other discounts may be combined with this offer. Previously purchased sessions are not included. Camp must be purchased by July 5, 2017. )

Happy Camping!!

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