May 18, 2017

From the Smarty Summer Day Camp Guide: Charlotte Day Camp

By our Smarty friends at Charlotte Day Camp

Charlotte Day Camp was founded in 2011 as a cultural exploration program where campers could experience other parts of the world without having to leave Charlotte. Over the last six years, we like to think it has grown into one of Charlotte’s best summer enrichment programs.

The camp now offers three different themed programs each week for campers, and the current directors have more than 20 years of combined experience administering summer camps both in the US and internationally.

If there is one thing that makes Charlotte Day Camp stand out, it is their strong Outcomes Focus. This is not a camp that just puts activities together and hopes that the campers have a good time. There are three specific Program Outcomes that the camp is designed to achieve for every camper: Growth, Learning, and Fun.

At Charlotte Day Camp, Growth means helping campers build positive, healthy, and productive dispositions. Counselors are hired and trained to be role models who demonstrate confidence, courage, and responsibility for campers and help campers do so as well.

Learning is all about practicing skills that are critical to success in the 21st Century. Each activity at camp is designed to allow campers to practice one or more of the following skills: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and leadership.

Fun is the camper experience every day at camp. Campers spend the day in an engaging environment full of activities, games, and friends, and many don’t even realize how many new skills they are building along the way. Growth and Learning happen best when campers are having Fun, and the camp isn’t considered a success unless all three outcomes are achieved.

Charlotte Day Camp is located in Plaza Midwood, and offers three programs each week for ages 5-14 (there is an additional High School Leadership Program for 15-17). The first program is Cultural Explorers, a multicultural program where campers explore a new country each week. The second is Project Challenge, where campers engage in a different project or challenge each week. Finally, Game Theory Camp is all about learning from strategy-based and imaginative board games.

The Charlotte Day Camp Leadership Team (George Zoeckler, Erec Hillis, and Torie Thoendel) started their camp careers at premier overnight summer camps in Texas and China. Overnight camp is often a brilliant experience for campers, but can cost thousands of dollars per week to attend. George, Erec, and Torie each joined Charlotte Day Camp because of a passion to replicate much of the educational benefit of top overnight camps in a more accessible day camp setting.

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About Charlotte Day Camp

Charlotte Day Camp is an enriching camp environment that focuses on creating Growth, Learning, and Fun for every camper. Each week at camp offers three weekly themes for campers to choose from. All activities are designed not only to be fun, but also to allow campers to practice skills that predict for success in school and life. Campers will practice being leaders, working with others, and being great friends.

Charlotte Day Camp has operated in Charlotte since 2011. For 2017, the camp will be held primarily at International House at 1817 Central Ave in Plaza Midwood.

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