April 30, 2017

Smarty Social Media Parenting Series: Cell Phones, Instagram & Social Media

CSP Town Hall on Social Media

Our first Town Hall on Social Media Parenting is TODAY, yippee! In preparation for the big event, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite blogs on social media that have been featured right here on CSP. Look for articles and resources from our partners to be posted this week. And, the conversation isn’t over today – we’ll be working with all of our partners to bring you relevant information on parenting and social media over the next several weeks.


Especially when parenting the social media generation.

Enjoy these goodies, and hope to see you today!

~ The CSP Team

What I wish I did the first time I gave my kid a cell phone

Plym Cell Phone

Here I go again. Plym #2 is up for a cell phone, LAWD HELP ME! It’s inevitable, I know. She’s entering middle school and it’s time. I’m dreading this yet looking forward to it at the same time. I’m dreading the increase in my data plan, organizing my whacked out multiple iTunes accounts, and managing yet another young person in my household who will now have access to the entire world at her finger tips. The only thing I am excited about is having instant access to two of my four children that will hopefully make my hectic life just a little easier to coordinate.

So I did not jump on the 5th grade graduation cell phone gift bandwagon because I don’t believe that a cell phone should be given as a gift. By “gifting” the phone, it implies ownership to the child. So in our household, the cell phone is presented as a communication tool for Mom & Dad to get in touch with you at all times. The primary purpose of this tool is for communication with Mom & Dad, not for social media or gaming, although these are certainly nice perks.

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How to raise ‘nice girls’ on Instagram

instagram urban pic

It has been three years since I first entered the instagram world as a Smarty Mama with my oldest daughter. Some things have changed, some have remained the same. The one obvious thing that is consistent over the years is that instagram can be a stomping ground for “mean girl” behavior, but it can also be an amazing place for girls to lift each other up. I’m here to help you do the latter of these two. It’s a matter of choice and good guidance.

Many parents are terrified of social media, whether it’s facebook, instagram, snap chat, you name it. It’s the root of all teen problems these days, right? Kinda, sorta, probably not. It’s just the reality of a teen’s life, they don’t know any different. You can either be a part of their daily world or not, your choice. I would certainly encourage you to be a part of it and be present as a parent.

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