April 12, 2017

Smarty Giveaway: Let’s Cook Out {Bug-Free} with Mosquito Authority

Mosquito Authority

By our Smarty friends at Mosquito Authority Charlotte

I can’t believe this is Mosquito Authority’s 8th season here in Charlotte. This venture was supposed to be a part-time deal that we did in the evening after work and on the weekends for a few people here and there. Today, as I drive around Charlotte, I am humbled and excited when I see our yard signs scattered through the different neighborhoods. (If you don’t see our signs in your neighborhood, we can fix that for you.) So many of those signs were made possible by a family we serve telling another family about what we do. Through happy families and word of mouth, our little business has flourished.

Ten years ago I didn’t even consider that there was an alternative to lathering up with DEET or hoping we had enough Citronella oil to go outside in my yard. Today, I am spoiled and often forget that my yard is a safe-haven from mosquitoes. When a friend invites us over for a cookout, I ask if I can provide a treatment instead of bringing a side dish. I have yet to hear a “no” and typically end up feeling like the hero of the party.

So I have a proposal for you: Let’s have a cookout at your place. Seriously! And yes, I’m inviting myself over. 🙂 I’ll provide the mosquito-free yard, burgers, hot dogs, buns, chips, condiments, soda, water, and napkins. You invite your friends and we’ll talk food, traveling, baseball, Disney and mosquitoes. We’ll hang out for a few, cook up some food, and leave you and your company with full bellies & no mosquitoes.

Smarty Giveaway Details

We are giving away two cookout party packages. To enter, we just need your name, address, email & phone #, as well as a list of three potential dates for your party. We will be drawing names on Saturday April 22nd, 2017. Please send that info to BJ@Bugsbite.com and in the subject line write: “Smarty Cookout”.

(Entries must be submitted no later than 12:00pm on Saturday April 22nd, 2017)

If you have any questions about our service, you can email me at bj@bugsbite.com or call our office at 704-999-1808.

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