April 12, 2017

Finding My Voice

By our brand-spankin’-new Smarty (so new she doesn’t have a headshot!) Mary Katherine Watkins

Hi everyone. For my first Smarty Pants post, I want to thank Jen and Cheryl for this opportunity and thank – YOU – their loyal readers for reading this.

I’m not sure what my Smarty Pants “voice” will be just yet, but I’m thinking it will be more “reporter” than “opinion” because, let’s be honest, there are a.lot. of opinions floating around right now and there are a.lot. of days that I don’t even like my own opinion, so why would you want to hear my thoughts on current events?


Don’t get me wrong, I am H I G H L Y opinionated. I’m just not sure this is the forum for that, so instead I thought I might try to bust some Pinterest hacks or profile some famous females that have gone unnoticed or maybe I’ll laser my armpits and live to tell the tale. Basically this could be a bunch of word garbage or it could be somewhat valuable?


Let’s hope for the best. See you in two weeks. MK-out.

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