October 23, 2016

Sunday Smarty Share from SHARE Charlotte: More Treats, Less Tricks

By Addie Rising, SHARECharlotte.org, a free, easy and local website that makes it easy to learn about and engage with our local nonprofits.

“I believe that treating other people well is a lost art.” – Tim Gunn

Right on, Tim Gunn! I tell my kids all the time … “Be kind. Just, be kind.” At the end of day, while I want the best for my kids — success and happiness — what’s more important to me is that they learn to treat everyone with kindness and dignity. I believe by doing that, the rest will come.

So what better time of year to hit that point home? Thanksgiving? Of course. But how about a few weeks earlier? There’s a day of the year where children in neighborhoods across the country run door to door, elbowing friends in disguise to get the “good” candy. It’s a race to accumulate massive amounts of sugar. Then, sometimes, a race to eat as much as possible before they are caught. It’s a day of bragging about the amounts of candy collected and then stealing from sibling’s stashes. But oh, yeah, it’s FUN! *eyeroll*


At SHARE Charlotte our hope is that being kind and doing GOOD are at the heart of this community 365 days a year. Halloween is a great day to take a step back, take off the masks, remove the costumes and turn this day into one of treating others.

Here are a few ways to do GOOD once we’re over the sugar shock of Halloween!

Host a Smile Drive for America’s ToothFairy

This awesome organization is based in Charlotte and was founded in 2006 to help prevent pediatric dental disease by increasing dental health literacy through education and advocacy, while also increasing access to dental care. Smile Drives can be held at any time. Your neighborhood or school or child’s classroom can work together to raise awareness of oral health and collect oral care products (toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, rinse, mouthguards etc.) for children in need. Visit SHARE Charlotte to learn more about America’s ToothFairy.

Provide Toothbrushes (and More!) for Local Organizations

smiledriveChildren who may be celebrating Halloween (and eating lots of candy) may also be in need of toothbrushes! Here are organizations that could use a supply boost! Shop their Give Shops below!
Second Harvest Foodbank of Metrolina
Urban Ministry Center
Freedom School Partners
Together We Feed

Volunteer Together

Search SHARE Charlotte’s website for volunteer opportunities that your family can do together. New opportunities are added each week and exist for individuals as well as small groups.

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