October 22, 2016

Smarty Mom: Kennedy Vaughan

I’m excited to introduce this week’s Smarty mom-to-be! I have the privilege of working with Kennedy in our wild, wild world of advertising and it’s been fun to watch as she grows her family.

Smarty Mom: Kennedy Vaughan

Married to: Dan Vaughan
Due date: November 1, 2016
Years in Charlotte: 31, minus 4 years of college in Raleigh, the 2 years I spent living in New York and 2 years I spent in Chapel Hill, NC
Originally from: Charlotte
Occupation: Project Manager

Tell us how your pregnancy has been?

I honestly can say it has not been too bad. I had the typical nauseas feeling for about 3 months but once that subsided, I felt like a normal person again. As I am getting closer to my due date the discomfort has set in, but that is to be expected as you carry around a small bowling ball all day, every day. I have been able to work out throughout my pregnancy, still attending my powerful flow yoga classes on a regular basis. I am hopeful this will help aid in my labor process making it easier (one can hope, right!?).

What has been the biggest surprise during your pregnancy?

How quickly your body and mind knows you are pregnant. Intuition woke me up early one Saturday morning and told me to take a test. Low and behold, it was positive and the rest is history.

Tell us about your gender reveal.

I never wanted to do a gender reveal because I thought they were kind of cheesy (no offense to anyone else who does them). But there is a certain kind of cake a local baker makes that has ombre layers with salted vanilla frosting that is any pregnant girls dream. I agreed to let my mom host a gender reveal party if this cake was a part of it. We invited our closest friends and family and cut into the beautiful cake to reveal all shades of pink. I am glad I ended up doing a reveal because it turned out to be a really special moment for me and my family.

Where did you register?

Buy Buy Baby, Shower Me with Love, and Pottery Barn Kidsimg_2653

Name three things you love from your registry?

I love all things Little Giraffe, especially their baby blankets. Their products are so plush and pretty. There were also a lot of elephant related items on my registry. I absolutely love elephants and am forcing that love onto my unborn child as well. I loved receiving books that I grew up with, like Goodnight Moon, that my mom read to me and that I will now read to my daughter.

What’s your advice for a new pregnant mom-to-be?

Ask your fellow mom friends for advice and help. This has been my greatest source of information for all things baby and pregnancy related. Since they have just gone through it themselves, they are able tell you the real truth that others might be scared to tell you.

What’s your ideal date night?

My ideal date night involves a delicious meal and a fancy cocktail (mocktails most recently). My husband and I have our favorite spots in Charlotte that we frequent for special date nights like, Stagioni, Good Food, Summit Room, Sushi Guru, and Upstream, just to name a few. We also enjoy venturing out and trying new places.

What’s your favorite thing about the Queen City?

I love the pride people have for the Queen City. Charlotte holds a special place in my heart since I was born and raised here. I get extremely defensive when transplants try to tell me what is wrong with Charlotte. In my eyes, Charlotte is a thriving, culturally rich, evolving city that is a great place to raise a family.

Favorite app?

Recently it has been What to Expect and Baby Center. I also love my ClassPass app which has helped me stay in shape throughout my pregnancy with easy class scheduling at local fitness studios.

Finish this statement. I could not live without…

this week I would have to say orange juice, the baby was really craving citrus. Overall, I would say my friends and family. They are such a big part of my life and provide me so much support that I just couldn’t imagine going through life without them.

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