July 17, 2016

Sunday Smarty Share from SHARE Charlotte: Got a Little Change in my Pocket …

By Addie Rising, SHARECharlotte.com, a free, easy and local website that makes it easy to learn about and engage with our local nonprofits.

Coins, coins, everywhere!

We have a jar in our kitchen that everyone in the family puts coins into as we empty our pockets, purses, cars, etc. I contribute my laundry “winnings” as well, and throughout the year we accumulate a decent chunk o’ change to take to the coin machines at the Teeter to convert into cash or gift cards … which we USUALLY put toward a family activity or something for the house.IMG_0302

Last week my son and I decided – while my daughters were at the beach with their youth group — to take our very heavy coin jar in to redeem for an Amazon gift receipt … to use toward SummerSHARE, a two-week giving campaign to deliver tangible goods to local nonprofits.

Our change was worth $64.33!!!!

My son and I got home and sat at my laptop and we went to summershare.org and read through descriptions and talked about the different organizations who needed items. It was so AWESOME to have this conversation with my soon-to-be-8-year old. He has shown a huge concern for children who might not have the advantages he has, so we looked for items to help the Learning Help Center of Charlotte and Second Harvest Food Bank. We rescued our precious, naughty dog Scully last year and purchased an item for the Humane Society of Charlotte. In total, we were able to buy FOUR items for three different organizations doing fabulous work right here in Charlotte. And this was just with the change we found around our house!

SummerSHARE is a GREAT, easy way to introduce your kids to different nonprofits in town and how they help meet needs that might matter to your child. All of our participating nonprofit partners need items right now to keep doing their work.

Here are 10 items under $10 that will do a world of good:

Hope HavenSP_screenshot
Alarm Clock, Noza Tec LED Desk, $8.99

Crisis Assistance
French Toast White Uniform Shirt, $9.95

Assorted books for families, $6.95-8.95

Let Me Run and Girls on the Run
Assorted Color Balloons, $5.39

Council for Children’s Rights
Johnnie Lene Boy’s Long Sleeves Solid, $7.99-14.99

Spay/Neuter Charlotte
Kendall/Covidien Prepping Cotton, $5.70

Second Harvest Food Bank
Elmer’s Washable All-Purpose School Glue Sticks (30-pack), $9.95

Hospitality House of Charlotte
Palmolive Ultra Original Dish Soap (2-pack), $6.79

Alexander Youth Network
Fruit of the Loom Big Girls Underwear (6-pack), $5.49

Charlotte Rescue Mission
Tampax Cardboard Applicator Tampons, Regular Absorbency, $5.47

AND, don’t forget to do your SummerSHARE lemonade stand! It’s simple and easy and your kids will love it. When you have your lemonade stand, please show us pictures on social media using #summershareCLT and #giveneedavacay.
Together we can make a big difference!

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