July 2, 2015

The 2015 Smarty Photoshoot

Once a year we update our photos since we get a little tired of looking at the same face & pose day in and day out – and we’re pretty sure you do too! So we scour the city for pink & green get-ups, rally our hubbies, brush our kids’ hair and force them all to cooperate for just a few keepers!

Smarties, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest photoshoot by our oh-so-talented photographer, Abbe McCracken! CSP {hearts} Abbe!

Meet the 2015 Smarty Team & enjoy our Smarty 2K15 Lookbook!

The CSP Bloggesses!


One Big Pink & Green Family!


Jen’s Fam

Plym Fam

Cheryl’s Fam


Jen V’s Fam


Karly’s Fam


Kimmery’s Fam


Mai-Li’s Fam


Rachel’s Fam


*Not photographed, but certainly no less important, Smarties Cynthia, Erin, Liz, Susan & Zack.

Abbe McCracken Photography


facebook: www.facebook.com/AbbeMccrackenPhotography
instagram: #abbemccrackenphotography
twitter: @abbemphotos

For your next family photo opps, connect with Abbe! She’s the best in town!

3 Responses

  1. Jennifer Voorhees Jen says:

    It was such a fun shoot! Thanks Abbe!

  2. I loved every minute of it Jen! Thank you all for being such great subjects!

  3. Kelly Brooks says:

    What a bunch of beautiful girls. You all look fantastic!

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