January 6, 2013

Meatballs Rule

The following statement may get me in a lot of trouble: “I am a Carnivore.” I know it is not that acceptable anymore, with all the Veganism going around. However, I feel like I am not recycling or something. But there, I said it. I like to eat meat. Lots of it, in every form imaginable.

Call me old-fashioned, but there are few things in this world that make me as happy as a meatball. If your childhood was similar to mine, you grew up eating them smothered in tomato sauce over spaghetti. Well, while I still love these (hand to God, this would be my very last meal on earth if I had any sort of say so) and they are my favorite, there has been a meatball movement around the country. Now you can find them in any combination of flavors from Thai spiced turkey with peanut sauce to buffalo chicken meatballs that you dip in blue cheese dressing. Even tiny little meatballs floating in Italian Wedding soup. If you can name a country on this planet, I guarantee they make a meatball. Entire restaurants have been devoted solely to meatballs. Do you know why? Because Meatballs RULE, that’s why.

Another reason meatballs are king is that kids dig them. Go ahead and throw a bunch of veggies in your food processor and pulverize them. Add to any ground meat you like and your kids will never know.

You can let your imagination run wild. You like mushrooms and sundried tomatoes? Then throw them in some ground chicken and you have a darn tasty meatball.

There are just a few simple tips to follow so your meatballs turn out fabulous.

-You need an egg or two (or even egg whites or egg beaters ) as a binder.

- A little torn bread soaked in milk or breadcrumbs help too. This is especially important when making meatballs from poultry. The meat is sticky.

- Make sure you season properly. No one likes a bland ball of meat.

You can either bake or fry your meatballs. I prefer to bake them. It is a lot less messy and you can do a boatload at one time.

Here are a few of my very favorite meatball recipes.

P.S. Try the buffalo chicken meatballs as an appetizer for your next get together. I add a little extra sauce to the cooked meatballs when they come out of the oven. They taste exactly like a chicken wing with none of the fuss. They are a homerun.

Mini Buffalo Chicken meatballs

Thai spiced meatballs

Good old-fashioned Italian Meatballs

Spanish Meatballs

Swedish Meatballs ( warning: will make you want to shop at Ikea)

And if meat is not your, thing Vegan Meatballs.

Now go have a Ball.

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  1. Jennifer Voorhees Jen V. says:

    A good meatball goes a long way. Making some tonight!

  2. Meredith B. says:

    Love the cooking posts! I always need ideas! This Swedish meatball recipe from skinnytaste is also really good: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2011/05/swedish-meatballs.html.

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